Price Tag

There is a budget for everybody

What does it actually cost, having a website built or a brochure designed. Maybe you don’t want a design, but only a print-ready file of your own design so that your printer doesn’t complain about the Word file you sent. It may sound a bit philanthropic, but I always like to make the world a bit more beautiful. I can do that with my work. That is why I have a solution for every budget. Do you still have questions about this or would you like a meet up? Contact me and I will be happy to answer all your questions.


DTP stands for Desk Top Publishing; information that is of no use to you at all because you simply want help getting your file printed. You’ve made a great design, but your printer doesn’t accept it. He talks about terms like RGB, CMYK, crop marks, crop marks and bleed. What is he talking about? You just want your design printed. I understand you! And I get it too. That’s why I’m happy to help you get your design ready for print. The hourly rate for DTP work is € 52.50 ex VAT. I’ll give you a fixed quote before I start. When I start to work on the project, you will receive a PDF file that can be send to the printer so you will receive your printed design at your home in no time. Sounds good right?

Graphic design

You are amazing at your own work but you are completely colour blind, you have no idea how to create something, let alone that you can get something on paper that looks like a flyer or a folder. Stop! Leave the designing to me. Tell me what message you want to say and who your target audience is so that I can then get to work for you with text, images, color and shape. Design can be done in many ways, from flyer to business card, from flag to brochure. The hourly rate for design is € 72.50 ex VAT. Contact me for an online meeting so we can talk about your ideas. Sounds good, right?


You want to build your own website because you want to control it yourself, you want to learn, you have a limited budget or you don’t feel like having to explain it first. Whatever it is, I totally get it! Therefore, this option is the best choice for you. I install for WordPress and you get a clear guide on how to get started. The installation includes a free responsive theme worth €95. The theme contains hundreds of designs. Can’t figure it out? Then you also get five hours of support, where  I answer all your questions and solve any problems. Sounds good, right?


You already get stressed when your screen stares back, let alone that you have to do something technical. However, you do need a website. Then choose the No-Fuss Website. After I have received all the information from you, I will get to work for you. Your website consists of an average of eight pages. I will install WordPress, the necessary plugins for you and you will also receive a responsive theme worth € 95 euros completely free ! While I’m working, you can watch online with a nice cup of coffee if everything goes well. When you are happy with how it looks, we  put the website online. Sounds good, right?


You are not a standard entrepreneur and you don’t want a standard website. You have much more to say than eight pages. You have big plans with you company so your website needs to grow too. Of course I can help you with that. But to do that, we must first discuss what exactly you want so that we can then make a tailor-made planSounds good, right?


Your website is online and you no longer have to look after it, right? Wrong! A website is an ongoing project that, just like your espresso machine, needs maintenance. WordPress, the plugins and your theme all need regular updates. It is also a good idea to make regular backups in case something goes wrong.  I’d be happy to check your website in a monthly basis. I maintain your website with updates and making backups so that the chance that something goes wrong is quite small. Sounds good, right?


You are finally done writing your book. But now what? It must be illustrated, designed and printed. You google all the way from China to India, from $5 to $5,000 dollars, but you can’t figure it out. Actually, you don’t dare to trust anyone with your ‘baby’, a project in which you have put so much passion and love. I totally understand how important this is to you. That’s why I want to help you by making it easy for you. With just one click you have everything you need to self-publish your book. Choose the package that suits you best and get the discount that you otherwise miss by shopping with different freelancers.

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