When you have a great idea for a picture book but you have no idea where to start, I’m the one you should have a talk with! After writing, illustrating and publishing five picture books, I am now also working with other authors. I understand each individual expertise that comes with publishing a book, I can guide you through the entire process.

I love reading a new story for a picture book, getting to know all the characters and letting them come to life in their own distinctive way. It’s a great process where I often find myself chuckling behind my drawing board.

Would you like to see the books I’ve published before you get in touch? Take a look at my Spinselshop. Do you have any questions or do you want to know more ? I’m really happy to hear from you !

Do you really need a publisher if you want to publish a book? It is often the easiest way but also difficult to find a publisher who wants to publish your book. You can also choose to self-publish instead. This can be done via platforms such as Amazon. The advantage is that you are in control of everything. The disadvantage is, you have to do everything yourself, find an editor, a designer, an illustrator and do your own marketing. More information about the process can be found  here: picture book illustrator .

Prentenboek Wiesje Wiebelkont


Since 1995 I have been working as a graphic designer and DTP-er on many fun and interesting projects, at the time still at various advertising agencies and printing companies, but since 2003 I started my own company where I have since worked with great pleasure for many different customers. My clients range from highly technical companies to pedicures. I find every profession interesting and everywhere I learn something new about different sectors.
In addition to design, DTP and web design, I also write and illustrate children’s books .
Funfacts : Crazy about tea, chocolate and traveling. My tomcat is called Kip to cause confusion in the street.

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