What other people say

Because why would you believe me on my big blue eyes?

Of course I can tell you this all very well, what I can do for you, but the people who have already worked with me before, can do that much better. Beneath you find a selection of happy customers, I worked with  for a short or longer period of time.

Did you also enjoy working with me? I would be happy to hear that and share your review on my website.

    The design by Mireille is extremely professional, with strong ideas and excellent creative solutions. Above all, I appreciate that she is also very attentive to the needs and wishes of the customer and responds to them without effort. I’m really glad we found her for the design of our first book.

    Dieter Burssens

    De Sprookjesboer

    I know Mireille through an old network organisation. The people who worked with her were always very satisfied. When asked if she could help us with campaign materials, she said yes immediately and that was a bull’s eye!

    Well coordinated together what wishes we had and (my tip) give Mireille a free hand. She will surprise you with her creativity.
    Mireille is really a One-Stop-Shop for all your design and design questions. Materials such as posters, flyers, brochures all in one hand and delivered very quickly and that also for decent prices.

    We are so satisfied that we have decided to work with Mireille again for the next campaign.

    Cornelis de Maijer

    Campagneteam, CDA Amersfoort

    I am writing this letter as a reference for Mrs. Mireille van Yperen.
    I first met Mrs. van Yperen on an online forum in 2002 at which she was assigned as a graphic designer and website
    I was busy putting together a business that involved motorcycle tours in South Africa and I needed a website and
    brochures designed.
    I was immediately impressed by the professionalism of Mrs. Yperen in understanding (and the delivering) on the rather
    specific requirements for my website.
    The website required specific links, online payment processing and online bookings to be processed. The website was
    an amazing success largely due to her ability to plan and manage a project of this size (from a technical and design
    point of view).
    Since that first year, I have repeatedly called upon Mrs. van Yperen to assist with all our graphic design and website
    requirements, and have also subcontracted work that I have passed onto her.
    I have always found her to be exceptionally competent, highly skilled and professional in all our dealings. She has a very
    special (and wide) skill set and has always consistently delivered a very high quality product.
    As a large company, this quality is obviously very important to us. She recently completed a large video-training project
    for us that was delivered on time and within budget.
    I have no doubt that Mrs. van Yperen would be an excellent (if not the BEST) candidate for any website or graphic
    design position or project and highly recommend her services – she has repeatedly served us extremely well in a
    competitive market for the past few years. I have no doubt that she will amaze you (too) with her varied skills and high
    level of creativity. She is truly a very talented individual.

    Calvin Blignaut

    Director, LeviteAVC

    In 2001 my Dutch Company, G-force Consulting Engineers BV, utilized the services of DTPH to set-up our Web Site www.g-forcebv.com. As a newly established, small sized business, it was essential to attract clients of a unique nature since the Environmental “oily waste clean-up” products we designed and manufactured for sale were the first of a kind in the industry we represented. The DTPH designed G-force WEB Site, with corresponding email links, successfully launched our business to a scope of worldwide clients. 

    Being a U.S. Citizen, and after retiring from my Dutch Company, I returned to my home state of California where I patented a game of balance. That was in 2014 where I registered my new company, COG the GAME LLC. I again used the services of DTPH to set up my new company WEB Site www.cogthegame.com along with all the required corresponding email links. They also designed my Company LOGO’s. 

    Based on my experiences with DTPH I highly recommend their services to any company needing to set up first class visual and communication links for their potential clients. During the more that 20 years DTPH has managed my WEB sites I found their approach to work reliable, and represented by a professional quality standard, with direct person to person communications if and as required. 

    Albert Sardella

    General manager, COG the game | G-force Consulting Engineers BV

    We would recommend Mireille to anyone needing a website, her approach has not only been professional but very friendly and extremely helpful , nothing has been to much for her and she has responded to any queries straight away and dealt with them immediately. We cannot express our gratitude for everything she has done above and beyond expectations.

    Ian Mckernan

    Fast Research UK

    I am very satisfied with Mireille’s professional and prompt action and advice. She has been very helpful in publishing my book. She is always there for you. I definitely recommend Mireille.

    Montserrat Gómez García

    Author 'geef me je vleugels'

    Super great, fast service.
    I am very satisfied with Mireille’s way of working.
    She always responds quickly and in terms of quality/price ratio. The rates are excellent for the fantastic quality that Mireille delivers. I can certainly recommend Mireille to everyone.

    Arno van den Kieboom

    Publishing company Keytree

    It was a pleasure to work with Mireille. She is always there for you and likes to think along, in all respects. Surprisingly beautiful website. Fresh, clear and uncluttered.
    Nice personal approach. It was well thought out. Fast online. Excellent price / quality ratio.

    I definitely recommend DTP!

    Mickey Ramautar


    More than three years ago we had plans to write a book about “Plant Empowerment”, an innovative sustainable cultivation method for international greenhouse horticulture. And we wanted it to be a well-organized and easy-to-read, but also a beautiful and attractive book. Then you need someone who really understands the layout of texts, fonts, design, page layout and use of color, and who is also well aware of how to deliver this to the printer for the best result in terms of both text and illustrations. Via-via we came into contact with Mireille, who was recommended to us as a creative and professional DTP-er, who, although operating as a freelancer, is still able to carry out larger assignments quickly and adequately. And she more than lived up to that.

    Our book is now sold in thousands worldwide in three languages ​​(English, Dutch and Spanish), and we receive many positive reactions about the structured structure and attractive design.

    Thank you Mireille, for your valuable contribution to this success! And every time it is a pleasure to work with you for each reprint on a new improved edition that is just a bit more organized and beautiful than the previous one.

    PS: For those who are curious about this book, see: www.plantempowerment.com 

    Jan Voogt

    Plant Empowerment, www.plantempowerment.com

    Small job done quickly. Mireille, thank you!

    Johan Schel


    Mireille has set up a nice website www.lingoatwork.eu. Absolute craftsmanship!!



    I am delighted with the flyers and business cards to get my mobile mechanic business up and running. DTPH was a delight to work with and I highly recommend her services.

    Classic Mobile Mechanic

    It is great to work with Mireille. No question is too much, explanation is clear and response speed is high! Definitely recommended if, like me, you are a starting author and want to turn your dream into reality!

    Melissa Holleman


    Since the start of my own company, Mireille takes care of my website and stationery (design and production).
    Always very accurate and creative. I have therefore been very satisfied with her efforts for 14 years!

    Ruud Weerts

    RWE techniek

    I am extremely satisfied. Now two sites and a beautiful logo. The great thing about Mireille is that she senses what suits you and translates it. It is also very nice that she responds and works very quickly. Am very satisfied.

    Margriet Brink

    Coachings praktice Margriet/ Shiatus happy fit

    Mireille is involved and attentive and it is a pleasure to work with her. She takes the time for you and always processes your wishes carefully and quickly.

    Anouschka Verhagen

    goldsmith, AV juwelenwerk

    We have now received the books and we are happy with the layout of the content. It looks professional, accessible and well-arranged. Thank you for your contribution!

    Harry Vos

    Avila coaching

    We are very satisfied. Always a friendly and fast handling and always available. Awesome!

    Bodhi Vartman

    Migoz /PCP

    I’ve been a client of Mireille for years, so it’s high time for a very satisfied message. Mireille works quickly and listens carefully to all your wishes and no matter how difficult, Mireille grants them. I am very pleased with my beautiful website and business cards. So if you are looking for a graphic designer, I can certainly recommend her!

    Virginie van der Ploeg


    I am very satisfied with Mireille. I still had many questions afterwards and she is always helpful! In short: highly recommended!

    Nathalie Driessen

    Nathalie Driessen Text & Media

    Mireille helped me in a short time with the logo for my company i.o. Thanks to good listening, creativity, craftsmanship, clear communication and patience. Thanks!

    Mirjam Heikens

    zuster mirjam geestelijkezorg

    Mireille, you did an outstanding job on my website.  Thank you so much for being so quick to respond throughout this process.  I will refer any business to you for sure.

    My Uncle Al was right, YOU ARE THE BEST!!

    Lauren Halliwell

    Alpha Mobile Grooming

    Ok, I am ashamed to see that I haven’t written a testimonial here yet… Very thoughtful of you, Ferry! Any way: I’ve known Mireille for a long time. I say she built an insanely beautiful site for me. I came to her well prepared to shape things! To all her questions, my answers were very clear: “eeehh? oh, I haven’t thought about that at all… Yes, this and this seems fun and interesting.” Complete web design digibite that I am. And even with those crystal-clear answers from me, she built a site from which I still draw revenues today. In all gratitude and humility: my business is running like a rocket. And I owe that in large part to Mireille. I have to regularly remind her that she actually gets to bill me for her efforts! And then I’m ashamed when she mentions the amount…
    Long story short, give this lady a chance to build your dream site. I literally dare to put my hand into the fire that your turnover / customer offer and assignments will improve enormously!

    Thank you Mireille!

    Ferry Heerdink

    Heerdink Medical

    Mireille works quickly, flexibly and thinks pragmatically about optimally shaping ideas. Truly someone you can rely on!

    Joyce Eskens

    Communication advisor, Gemeente Zuidplas

    DTP-hulp helpt ons effectief met onze visuele communicaties, zoals banners, klein en groot voor op internet, flyers en advertenties in alle maten en vormen.
Waarbij snel resultaat voor ons een must is. Bij DTP-Hulp hebben wij daar zeker niet over te klagen en voorbeelden en suggesties zijn altijd snel aangeleverd en eventuele aanpassingen snel doorgevoerd.

    Mireille heeft voor ons het logo ontworpen voor De Poezen Shop en enkele maanden geleden hebben wij haar de opdracht gegeven om voor ons de volledige layout, en uitstraling van een nieuw Magazine te ontwikkelen.
    Het resultaat kunt u zien op issuu.com/kattenliefde en de website kattenliefde.nl. Oordeelt u zelf maar.
Betrouwbaarheid, flexibiliteit, creativiteit met een grote dosis eigen initiatief zijn voor ons van wezenlijk belang en Mireille voldoet aan al die eisen.
Met daarnaast de snelle communicatie ook na 17,00 uur is voor ons een zeer grote plus.
We hopen dan ook nog lang met haar te kunnen samenwerken.


    Mike Verdugt

    Amerone e-commerce Solutions, De Poezen Shop de grootste kattenwinkel van Europa, Kattenliefde Blog & Cat Style Magazine

    Wil je herkenning voor je producten en/of diensten, via een op maat gemaakt logo en bijpassende website? Dan is Mireille, met DTP-Hulp, een hele snelle goede webdesigner en vooral prettige professionele vrouw om mee samen te werken.
Mireille doet wat ze zegt en zegt wat ze doet en zal je ook ondersteunen met diverse tips, indien ze je hier verder mee kan helpen. Bedankt Mireille, voor onze fijne samenwerkingsprojecten!


    Mireille weet met haar ontwerpen meteen de juiste sfeer te treffen. Moet het zakelijk, mag het speels? Precies het goede gevoel. Dat geldt voor de vormgeving van drukwerk, maar ook van websites, zoals deze van 3BConnect”
    Pieter Harcksen


    Snelle en efficiënte service, iemand die begrijpt wat wij als promotioneel bedrijf nodig hebben voor onze klanten, gewoon fantastisch om Mireille als verlengstuk van ons eigen bedrijf te kunnen gebruiken
    Peter H. Claes


    Ik heb Mireille intussen een aantal keer ingeschakeld voor DTP werk. Het is fijn om met haar samen te werken, ze begrijpt snel welke kant ik op wil en bovenal: haar timing en bereikbaarheid zijn fantastisch. Mireille werkt razendsnel en doet wat ze zegt dat ze zal doen. Iemand om op te bouwen.
    Diana den Held

    Gevleugelde Woorden

    Mireille is a professional high skilled graphics designer. I had the pleasure of working with her many times already and still enjoy the splendid and personal service she offers. More than this she also became a very dear friend. This lady has my deepest respect and I would encourage everyone to try her services, I’m sure you’ll be surprised. All the warm words in the other testimonials I’ve read are true. Passionate about her business, warm and giving, creative and patient. Connecting to this lady is adding a true friend.
    Geert Conard


    Mireille heeft binnen no time, met weinig voorkennis en zonder dat ze me persoonlijk kent, mijn wens voor een flyer perfect weten te vertalen in een woord-beeld combi die helemaal bij me past. Een vakvrouw!
    Nynke Rinzema


    Mireille is creativity, knowledgeable and has a cooperative attitude. She listened carefully to my wishes and translated my ideas into clear, beautiful images. The result is a house style that fits perfectly with the message I want to convey. I think she’s a great designer. And she’s a nice person, too.

    Hilda Algra

    Algra Tekst en verhaal

    Mireille designed a twitter background for me. Based on the house style she created for me before. I myself can be stubborn and stubborn, thinking I know better. But in the field of house style I have learned to give Mireille a free hand.
    When we think of a house style, we often only think of a logo or letterhead. But in this ‘online’ era we also have to implement this house style to LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other networks on which we are active. Mireille knows the details because she is active ‘online’ herself. An absolute advantage in the power with which she consistently implements the house style.
    So the result is there. Consistent in simplicity, beautiful and functional.

    Jan Mulder

    Hug Your Customer

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