Everyone knows the saying: ‘don’t judge the book on its cover‘. However research has shown most books are first picked by its cover. Scrolling through the countless books on Amazon, your attention is drawn to something that stands out. That is why a striking cover is very important. Do you have enough experience to make your own cover? Or is it wise to hire a graphic designer?

Elements on the cover
What information goes on a cover? Of course the title (possibly subtitle) and the author. Have you written a children’s book with illustrations? It would be appreciated to mention the illustrator. On the back of the book there will be a blurb what the book is about and a bit of information about the author. When there are reviews about the book, put them on the back as well. Reviews sell!
Your book requires an ISBN number. The barcode of the ISBN number is placed on the back of the book. Make sure this is the correct size. If the barcode is too small, it can’t be scanned. Is the book published by a publisher? The logo will be placed on the back too.

Cover design
When you scroll through the countless books on Amazon, you quickly see what stands out and disappears. The more detailed the cover, the more it seems to become a blurry image when you only see the thumbnail. The title should be standing out. Do you use an illustration? Have your illustrator create a special cover illustration. A large illustration of your protagonist stands out more than a scene with many elements. Make also sure, the cover matches the genre of the book. A happy sunny day doesn’t fit a horror story or a crime scene. Finally, check whether the cover as a thumbnail stands out because in the end most books are still ordered online.

Test your cover
When you created your own cover, you are of course very proud, but that doesn’t mean that it’s actually a good cover. Test the cover in your environment with people who dare to be honest. Have you written a children’s book? Test the cover with a group of children to see if they like it and want to know more about the book.

Cover designer
When you do hire a graphic designer to design your book cover, what can you expect? First, of course, a professional setup. A designer will ask for the important elements such as the illustration or photo. In addition, the information such as title, author, author information and ISBN. A good designer also knows how to create a barcode.
After you’ve approved the book design, the designer will send you a PDF for printing (including bleed) that you can take to your printer or continue in the self-publishing process.

Still have questions after reading this article? Or need help? Send me a message  to discuss what I can do for you, within your budget.

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