If you, just like me, had an idea for a picture book in your head for years, now is the time to write! Publishing your own picture book has never been easier! In this blog I tell you a few tips about the structure of your picture book.

In picture books, the character, you made up, plays the leading role. The story can be a series of problems the main character has to overcome, to achieve his goal. In Wobbly Winnie, Winnie just can not sit still but only everybody around her, suffers from her wobbly bottom. However, when everybody around her, starts sighing and asking her to sit still, which she can’t, her brother comes to the rescue.
The scenes where the story takes place, the characters in your book and the achievement of the character, all depends on for who you are writing. Children feel most attracted by children’s stories, in which the character is slightly older than themselves.

A picture book seems simple written, how ever the power of a good picture book is the composition of the story. A good story has a beginning, a middle part and an end in which there is action, tension and emotion. Keep the following points in mind while writing your story.

Unforgettable character
The best children’s book characters stay with you after you close the book. The characters are strongly portrayed, dare to go on adventures and pursue their dreams. Children want to be brave and fearless too, just like the character in the book.

It’s a bit of a dare to do so but some books start immediately at a dangerous moment. This can be a scene in which something happens immediately. It can be a description of a separate character in your book. It can be a special scene in which a lot is happening or an intense dialogue between two characters where the problem has been told from the start.

When you use dialogues in your story, be aware that the dialogue is realistic for the age you are writing for. Children like to read a story that sounds like they are having a conversation. Listen how children, you write for, talk to each other. Decide from the start your writing style and stick to it. If you write in the past tense, keep writing in the past tense. If you write in the present tense, hold onto that structure.

In addition to special, unforgettable characters in your story, the storyline is of course also important. Provide enough problems and challenges your character must overcome. Every child wants to hear a happy. When your book has a successful happy end, it is quite possible that your reader will take your book and read it over and over again. That’s when you know, you have written a good book!

Good luck writing your book. Still questions? Send me an email. Want more information? Download the free e-book on this website.

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